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Government, Military and Industry Specifications

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From military and government specifications to broadly used industry standards, selected ISK Biocides products meet, or can be custom-formulated for, even the most stringent performance requirements.

Examples include TTW572 and NWWDA* specifications designed to prevent swelling in wood, as well as the new AWPA** M4-15 spec for end-cuts. Our products also adhere to various government and military specifications such as MIL-P-15011-J and MIL-B-2427-G, making them well-suited to many high-performance applications like wood boxes and tent fabric.  In fact, for protection under various conditions against fungi and insects, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has approved the performance and efficacy of PQ-80 (aka PQ-56) for a number of specifications.

Gaining military/government approval, however, is no easy task for any product or company.  Generally, all chemical treatments must undergo rigorous and extensive testing to demonstrate performance and ISK Biocides’ product lineup is no exception.  So for those customers that need to meet certain military specifications or industry standards, we provide full quality control testing documentation, verification or certification.

For more detailed information on meeting government, military or industry specifications with ISK Biocides products, visit Contact Us and complete our feedback form.

* National Wood Window and Door Association

** American Wood Protection Association


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