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Nobody Protects Wood Better…
or Serves Customers as Well.

Here at ISK Biocides, we support every product we sell with personal customer service that truly sets us apart.  For both industrial and residential

applications, we have the knowledge and expertise needed to find the most effective and economical wood protection solution.  All thanks to nearly 150 years of combined, hands-on experience in wood protection from our sales and technical team. 

Moreover, we offer one of the industry’s highest levels of personal, face-to-face service, partly due to our long-running intern program.  During on-site customer visits, for example, we perform dip tank testing and offer recommendations or adjustments to get optimal performance from ISK Biocides products.

Compared to the competition, we deliver faster ship times and highly responsive service as well, easily accommodating your special orders or requests.  If needed, our technical team can analyze chemical levels in your dip solutions as well as those deposited on treated lumber to ensure proper concentration levels, treatment, and coverage.  Plus we can provide documentation, verification or certification for customers requiring proof their wood treatments meet certain industry standards or military specifications.


ISK sales supervisor with customer
Intern checking customer's dip tank
ISK Employee on phone with customer
ISK sales supervisor performing tests