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Custom Solutions in Wood Protection

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From the start, finding and formulating your ideal treatment solution is first priority at ISK Biocides, Inc.  It has to perfectly suit your lumber production needs, your budget, and your schedule…just as well as it performs its intended job in wood protection.

Which is why, whatever the custom application, we take a collaborative problem-solving approach with our customers.  We carefully evaluate your specific treatment challenge or request, then share our know-how and expertise to recommend the optimal solution.  In fact, our problem-solving expertise is proven by nearly 150 years of combined experience from our sales and technical team.

Our custom colors, for instance, are just one way we accommodate the special needs of our customers.  Another prime example is our development and delivery of custom solutions for specialty niche applications, such as integrating pallet parts treatment into the customer’s production line.

Whether it’s a custom or standard formulation, we take steps to ensure our product’s performance down the road as well.  To confirm proper concentration levels, treatment and coverage, for example, our technical team can analyze chemical levels in your dip solutions as well as those deposited on treated lumber.

For more information about our custom solution capabilities or specific wood protection products, visit Contact Us and complete our feedback form.


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