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Sta Brite® RWater-Based Roof Protector and Stain

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Specially formulated for long-lasting protection and renewal of new or restored cedar roofs.

Sta Brite R is a specially formulated stain that penetrates the wood fibers so it will not crack, peel or blister. It allows the wood to expand and contract naturally in all weather conditions. Sta Brite R provides excellent protection from UV sunlight damage with natural pigments and titanium dioxide UV blockers. Sta Brite R also reduces moisture transmission that can cause decay, mold or other fungal problems in wood. It works best on rough sawn or porous wood. Sta Brite R should not be used on surfaces that receive foot traffic.

Quick Facts

  • Makes roofs and fences look like new again.
  • Contains UV blockers and moisture repellents.
  • Easy application, water clean-up.
  • Concentrated formula.
    • One gallon container makes 6-8 gallons
    • Five gallon container makes 30-40 gallons
  • Enhances the natural beauty of exterior wood.
  • Helps prevent deterioration from sunlight and moisture exposure.
  • Minimal odor, environmentally friendly formulation with no VOC concerns.
  • Available in four natural colors: cedar, brown, medium gray and charcoal.

Sta Brite R ColorsSta Brite R Colors