Cusol Residential

CuSol®-5 Wood Preservative

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Sta Brite® R Wood Protector

House treated with CuSol-5

Specially formulated pesticide for exceptional exterior wood preservation.

CuSol®-5 is our newest water-borne, copper-based preservative for general wood preservation and cedar shake shingles, but without the offensive odor of copper naphthenate.

In fact, it’s designed for all exterior wood exposed to moisture or weather, including window frames, wood shake and shingle roofs, doors, siding, fencing, arbors and many more applications. After treatment, CuSol-5 helps protect wood from attack by termites and powder post beetles. It also helps control decay fungi and destructive rot-causing organisms. Plus it has low phytotoxicity, so it’s suitable for wood in greenhouses and nursery flats.

Quick Facts

  • Protects exterior wood from moisture, weather, decay fungi and more.
  • Suitable for seasoned or "green" wood.
  • Can be colored using the universal machine colorant system.
  • Less odor than copper naphthenate products, and meets all state VOC requirements. 
  • Requires dilution with water before use.
  • Can be applied by dip, roller, brush or spray.

Not currently available in all 50 states. Please contact ISK Biocides to determine availability in your area.