Premier Wood Protectant Fungicide

Premier® Wood Protectant Fungicide

Lumber and dip vat

Our latest innovation in sapstain and mold control for fresh-cut lumber and wood products.

Premier® is an effective, water-emulsifiable formulation designed for long-lasting, broad-spectrum control of mold and stain fungi. In fact, our formulation has been evaluated with outstanding results by independent testing laboratories, sawmills and test sites. For effective sapstain control, Premier can be applied by spraying or dipping fresh-cut lumber. It’s ideal for treating softwoods including Douglas and white fir, spruce, hemlock and pine, as well as hardwoods such as oak, poplar and maple. Plus it’s easy to handle, user friendly and has a pleasant citrus odor. For insect control, it's compatible with commonly used water-dilutable insecticides such as X-Lance®.

Quick Facts

  • Long-lasting stain and mold control on freshly cut lumber, timbers and peeled logs.
  • Suitable for both softwoods and hardwoods.
  • No buffering is required.
  • Easy to handle and is user friendly.
  • Can be sprayed or dipped on freshly cut wood (treatment recommended within 24 hours).

Not currently available in all 50 states. Please contact ISK Biocides to determine availability in your area.