PQ-80 Fungicide Concentrate WP

PQ-80® Fungicide Concentrate

Log cabin

For exceptional mold and sapstain control.

PQ-80® provides an ideal wood preservative for effective, low-cost decay, rot, sapstain and mold control in freshly-cut lumber whether you’re treating hardwoods or softwoods. PQ-80 is the only anti-sapstain product with EPA approval for food contact. So it’s ideal for general wood preservation and wood in contact with fruits, vegetables and other foodstuffs such as pallets, boxes, bins, mushroom trays, and nursery trays and flats. PQ-80 is also good for stakes, fences, shingles, and siding.

Quick Facts

  • Controls decay, stain, mold, rot, mildew and termites.
  • Mixes readily with water. 
  • Can be applied to wood products by dip, spray or flow coat.
  • Fewer drums to recycle after application.
  • Compatible with commonly used insecticides such as X-Lance®.
  • Ideal for pallets, boxes, bins, mushroom trays, nursery trays and flats, stakes, fences, shingles and siding.
  • Paintable.

Not currently available in all 50 states. Please contact ISK Biocides to determine availability in your area.