PQ-80 Fungicide Concentrate Pallets

PQ-80® Fungicide Concentrate

A stack of pallets

The superior choice for pallet production, and the only anti-sapstain product approved for indirect food contact.

From pallets and crates to boxes, bins and more, PQ-80® delivers outstanding mold and sapstain control on both hardwoods and softwoods.  Plus it’s the only anti-sapstain product with EPA approval for food contact, making it an excellent choice for pallet production.  That’s why PQ-80 is the ideal wood preservative for effective, low-cost sapstain and mold control for wood used in transporting, packaging or holding agricultural products.

Quick Facts

  • Controls decay, stain, mold, rot, mildew and termites.
  • Water-soluble fungicide concentrate mixes readily with water. 
  • May be applied by spraying or dipping on freshly-cut lumber.
  • Compatible with commonly used insecticides such as X-Lance®.
  • Fewer drums to recycle after application.

Not currently available in all 50 states. Please contact ISK Biocides to determine availability in your area.