PQ-8 Fungicide Concentrate

PQ-8® Fungicide Concentrate

Cadillac Dipping system in PA

Outstanding, water-soluble fungicide for controlling mold and sapstain in freshly cut lumber and timber.

PQ-8® is our fungicide concentrate formulation designed for dependable control of sapstain and mold in freshly cut lumber and timber. It mixes readily with water and can be applied to wood products by dip, spray or flow coat. PQ-8 is also ideal for customers with requirements to meet a military specification such as ammunition boxes, wire-bound boxes, canvas, rope and various other commodities. Plus it can be used with insecticides, such as X-Lance®, for additional pest control.

Quick Facts

  • Effectively controls sapstain and mold.
  • Easily mixes with water.
  • Compatible with popular water-dilutable insecticides for pest control.
  • May be applied by spraying or dipping on freshly-cut lumber.
  • Supplied as a concentrate to be diluted manually or automatically.
  • For best results, should be applied within 48 hours after sawing.

Not currently available in all 50 states. Please contact ISK Biocides to determine availability in your area.