NeXgen Wood Protectant Fungicide

NeXgen® Wood Protectant Fungicide

A pile of lumber

Can you pick the packs of lumber treated with NeXgen?
Answer: Tall stack of lumber in the back is treated with NeXgen.

Brightens wood while providing superior protection against sapstain and mold fungi.

The proven leader in superior, high-efficiency sapstain control performance, NeXgen® works to brighten wood while providing unmatched control of sapstain and mold fungi. Combining two highly effective chemicals that work to quickly penetrate and bind to wood, our fungicide minimizes leaching while effectively protecting wood from sapstain fungi and mold. For over 20 years, NeXgen has consistently outperformed all competitive anti-sapstain formulations typically at equal, or even lower, rates. It’s ideal for use on green or partially-seasoned wood to prevent stain and mold during storage, transport or holding in concentration yards. And for insect control, it’s compatible with commonly used water-dilutable insecticides such as X-Lance®.

Quick Facts

  • Provides effective control of surface molds and sapstain fungi on wood.
  • Synergistic wood-protectant fungicide concentrate formulation containing two highly-efficient chemicals.
  • Testing demonstrates superior performance over other anti-sapstain products, often at lower rates.
  • Compatible with popular water-dilutable insecticides for pest control.
  • Special surfactant system allows for easy resuspension and more uniform distribution on the lumber.

Not currently available in all 50 states. Please contact ISK Biocides to determine availability in your area.