Millbrite 50 Colorant/Weather Protector

Millbrite® 50 Colorant/Weather Protector

Outstanding water-soluble color additive and weather protector for wood.

Millbrite® 50 weather protectant provides excellent protection from wetting to wood during mill storage, in transit, on the job site, and for end-user applications. Thanks to its unique chemical properties, it delivers effective weather protection, primarily against damaging UV rays. For most water-based wood treatments, Millbrite 50 can also be used as a color additive. Plus it’s easily added to CuSol®-5 for wood preservation in roofs, fences and other wood applications.

Quick Facts

  • Helps protect wood against harmful UV rays.
  • Can be used to add color to wood.
  • Compatible with CuSol-5 for preserving wood roofs, fences and more.
  • Available only in Brown color.