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Economical and effective protection against sapstain and mold fungi.

22 Express® is an effective water-emulsifiable formulation containing Propiconazole and Tebuconazole for the control of sapstain and mold on both hardwoods and softwoods. 22 Express may be applied by spraying or dipping fresh cut lumber for sapstain control. 22 Express is a one-component system and may be used with insecticides, such as X-Lance®, for insect control.

Quick Facts

  • Effective control of sapstain and mold using relatively low levels of two common fungicides, Propiconazole and Tebuconazole.
  • Cost effective formulation.
  • Compatible with Nex-Brite®, X-Lance® and Tuff-brite® for increased performance for specific situations.
  • Great on hardwoods or softwoods by dipping or spraying.
  • Easy to use test kit available.